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Terry Mohre and Pam Payne have been collaborating on video and digital media projects for over ten years. Their work has won awards at the Bonn Videonale in West Germany, and at Siggraph, AMC’s National Computer Graphics Conference. In addition to a variety of galleries and performance spaces in the NYC area, their work has been recently shown at the Boston Cyber Arts Festival and in Havana, Cuba where their work was presented at the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes.

TERRY MOHRE, artist-engineer-musician has been experimenting with analog and digital video processing systems in New York City for 25 years. He worked as a video engineer on the TV-Cello project for Nam Jun Paik and Charlotte Moorman, performed at the Guggenheim and Whitney Museums. As an immigrant son at the Experimental Television Center, Terry produced experimental artworks while de-inventing video processing tools. As a member of the artists collective group "COLAB", he produced the NEA funded cable TV show "Potato Wolf". His commercial clients include AccuWeather, Pixar, Phillips Broadcast, NTV (Berlin) and American Express. He has shown his work and performed music throughout the United States and Internationally. He has received grants from the New York State Council for the Arts, National Endowment for the Arts, New York Foundation for the Arts and Dyer Ives Foundation among others.
Artists have said to Terry:
Tuli Kupferberg - "You have got to give up cigarettes."
Nam Jun Paik -"This is YOUR daughter?"
Ralph Hocking -"Can't leave you alone for a minute."
Yoko Ono- "Have this piece."
Charlotte Moorman - "But..., you are always so helpful."
Alan Moore - " Distribution!!!"

PAM PAYNE is a digital media artist based in NYC. With a background in music, fine art, video and digital systems, she believes the cultural clash of electronic tools with traditional fine art tools, when used with skill and sensibility produces an exciting visual jazz. Pixels and scan lines expose the tone and quality of the electronic instrument. A blast of hot video color, or a cool digital glitch is as visually appealing as a well placed charcoal smudge. Blending traditional fine art techniques with video and computer imagery, she creates interactive multimedia pieces, motion paintings, and still images. Her work has been exhibited in the US and internationally. She received her Masters degree from NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program in 1988. She teaches and works in video, mulitmedia and software development. Her commercial clients include Morgan Stanley, Paine Webber, The Ontario Science Center, and The NY Hall of Science. She recently produced a two-year series of video/digital media events called “Pixel Nation” with the non-profit video artists group “MWF Club” at the Scott Pfaffman Gallery in NYC.

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